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I am an avid home cook and relish the time I spend in the kitchen, however, I will admit that how the food I prepare LOOKS is absolutely as important to me as how it tastes. These platters I put together said "farm fresh" and framed the in-season produce perfectly.  My favorite will always be the corn on the cob. 

Additional images upon request


It's not every day that you get the honor of making a wedding cake. This black marble fondant cake with edible silver leaf was the perfect ending to a beautiful New Year's Eve wedding dinner. 

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It was the month of October and pears were in-season. They always taste so great paired with ginger, so I chose that for the cake. The drizzled caramel and powdered sugar were the perfect finishing touch to this delicious dessert.


The cut slices of this cake look beautiful plated with a bit of cinnamon ice cream. 

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I will never say "no" to blueberry pie, in any form. These are two variations on a theme. 

The top one is for one of those Sunday afternoons when you might have a bit of time on your hands. I was inspired by quilling, usually done with paper, when I applied the heart on this crust. The partially braided basket weave inspired by some research on Pinterest. 

The galette below is perfect for that weeknight dinner party, with barely any time to spare. Easy, rustic and delicious. 

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Another huge time saver. This engagement "cake" is actually two solid pieces of watermelon, covered in Cool Whip. It's a fun surprise for everyone as well as a healthy light alternative to actual cake. 

"Rosé All Day" was the message in this mid-summer shoot and brand collaboration between Fruita Pop (frozen rosé ice pops) and Engaging Invites. This was a particularly challenging shoot. Never work with children, animals.....OR ICE. 

Again, another "bang for your buck" in regards to time spent and visual impact. This cake less than an hour and a half to pull together. The trees are different shades of candy melts. I started with a medium green color and then added blues and yellows to go either way on the color wheel. The mini chocolate chips and cream cheese frosting channel a rocky mountaintop. And the red velvet cake inside provided another surprise once cut. 

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Inspired by a combination of images on Pinterest, this home baker almost bit off more than he can chew with this one. Try getting a 6 layer rainbow heart shaped cake inside of 3 layers, that looks the same no matter where you cut it. Definitely not one of the easiest projects ever attempted.

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One "fun fact" about me, I bake all of my own bread. It's extremely relaxing and is healthier and tastier than anything I could possibly buy. I usually make it on Sunday for the week. 

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My passion for pears probably stems from the fact that we had a big old pear tree growing right outside the house I grew up in. We would come home from school and run out to the yard and help ourselves to a snack. 

This pear gingerbread upside down cake was as delicious as it was beautiful. The caramel hearts and shapes took a few Youtube videos and a couple of tries, but I finally got there.

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